Man Donates Entire Kmart To Charity

by mccluskeyauto on May 31, 2012

Mr. PaynterIn a time when many people are tightening their belts and sitting on their savings, it’s nice to see someone being generous.  We here at your Chevrolet Dealer Northern KY want to tell you about one man who took it upon himself to be the hero of his community.

Rankin Paynter, a Kentucky business man, purchased the entire inventory of a local Kmart store and donated it to charity. The Kmart was just days away from closing its doors forever.  As is usual in these situations, they were liquidating their inventory at discounted rates. Mr. Paynter went in to pick up some cheap office supplies for his company, and realized he could do so much more.

Rankin purchased every piece of merchandise available, from business supplies to clothing. He spent over $200,000 in the process. All the merchandise was then donated to Clark County Community Services.  It was easily the largest donation the county had ever received and everyone was amazed at the man’s generosity.

Mr. Paynter runs a jewelry exchange so he’s no stranger to people fallen on hard times. The flow of people in and out of his store, selling items, was the catalyst for his kindness.  He wanted to give back to his community and buying out the Kmart and redistributing the goods seemed like the best way to do that.

Rankin is doing well now, but he went through some tough times as a child. “It was hard sometimes,” Paynter said. “Tied rags around my feet sometimes too. I only had summer slippers.”


Gun Hidden In Stuffed Animals

by mccluskeyauto on May 24, 2012

Hidden GunSince 9/11, we’ve lived in a world of heightened security and increased suspicion.  Sometimes it’s easy to feel like we take things a little too far, especially when it comes to airport security.  People are already subjected to random checks, and now the full body scanners leave little to the imagination.  It’s hard to say if these are necessary security precautions or just sacrifices we’re making for the illusion of safety.  Though after a strange event that occurred this week, we here at your Chevrolet Malibu Dealer Cincinnati want to point out that no one can be safely above suspicion.

At the T.F. Green Airport in Rhode Island, security found someone trying to smuggle a handgun.  This is a rare enough occurrence in these days of hyper-security, but the method of smuggling was particularly worrisome.  Someone had stripped the gun into a few pieces, and then methodically hid those pieces in three stuffed animals.  The animals were being carried by a 4 year old boy who obviously had no knowledge of the plot.

Despite the fact that the gun could have been easily reassembled and fired, police and other authorities do not believe this is a terrorist plot.  The boy and his father were allowed to complete their flight, sans animals of course. The current theory is that it has something to do with a personal dispute, but no charges have been formally filed.

It’s a terrible thing to have to search a child and his stuffed animals, but it’s the reality of the situation.  Ultimately, it’s for the best.  If we didn’t search children and other sympathetic figures, than they would just be made unwitting mules all the more often.  The level of intrusion we subject ourselves to may be extreme, but it’s the best we can do with our current situation and technology.


Al Qaeda Plot Foiled By Master Spy

by mccluskeyauto on May 17, 2012

James BondThe world of espionage and military intelligence has always been popular creative fodder.  You have countless movies and books devoted to this kind of intrigue, spy games full of mind-bending reveals and then even mind-bendier counter reveals until you don’t even know who’s working for whom.  Well, we here at your Used Car Dealer Cincinnati want to tell you about a real life spy story that is coming to light, one that Americans all over the country should be celebrating.

Last month, the Yemen branch of Al Qaeda dispatched a special operative.  This operative was to undertake a suicide mission to bring down an aircraft in midflight.  He was equipped with Al Qaeda’s newest and best attempt at a covert bomb, a high powered explosive rigged to be undetectable to our scanners and near impossible to feel on any kind of pat down.  The operative volunteered for this mission, and Americans everywhere should be thankful.

The Al Qaeda operative was actually a spy from a Saudi Arabia intelligence agency.  He went deep undercover into the terrorist organization and gained the trust of its innermost members.  When he found they were pooling their resources for another large attack, he volunteered for the task.  He did such a good job blending in that Al Qaeda believed him, they bought into it so far that they actually gave him the covert bomb and set him loose to complete his mission.  The operative, instead of going to wreak havoc on Al Qaeda’s foes, instead brought the bomb and all of their secret plans back to Allied Forces Intelligence, including the CIA.

It’s understandable that the operative needs to remain hidden for fear of retribution, but hopefully one day we’ll know this brave man’s name, so that he may stand beside other heroes that have risked their lives for our safety.


Arrow Accident

by mccluskeyauto on May 15, 2012

Legolas With all the buzz and excitement surrounding the Hunger Games, a little hero worship is something to be expected. It’s hard to see Katniss Everdeen stalking through the forest, bow in hand, arrow nocked, and not be just a little bit jealous. Well, we here at your Cincinnati Chevy Malibu Dealer want to let you know that while our heroine makes archery look easy, it’s actually pretty tricky stuff.

Konstantine Myakush, a 38 year old father of two, was out with his daughters at a public park when, out of the blue, a 20 inch arrow plunged into his neck. He immediately dropped to the ground but did not lose consciousness. Approximately half the arrow had gone clean through his neck, leaving him looking like he was wearing one of those cheesy Halloween props. But unfortunately for Mr. Myakush, it was all too real.

The first thing he did after being struck was to call his wife. He claimed that he thought he was going to die and wanted to say goodbye. It’s a fairly chilling sentiment but is actually pretty romantic in a terrifying sort of way. It proved to unnecessary however, the arrow amazingly missed all of the major arteries and organs in the throat. A mere inch in either direction would have likely meant the end of Mr. Myakush, but as it is, he’ll make a full recovery.

As for the shooter? It was an archery club practice session taking place on the other side of the park. One of the members let an arrow get away from him and it just happened to hit the unlucky Myakush. The club has since decided to stop having practice session in public places, which is nice of them, but really something they should have thought of a long, long time ago.


Private Space Flight To Dock With ISS

by mccluskeyauto on April 26, 2012

SpaceX ShuttleSince man has landed on the moon, other men have been jealous of that man.  Space is truly the final frontier, especially for us, in a country where even the deserts have been made into glitzy paradises.  Everyone wants to go to space at least once, just to experience it.  Well, we here at Chevrolet Cincinnati have some exciting news.  Commercial space travel for man just got one small step closer.

On May 7th, SpaceX is planning to launch a rocket and capsule that will join up with the international space station.  What makes this such an important event is that SpaceX is privately owned and funded.  It was started by PayPal co-founder Elon Musk.  Back in December 2010, SpaceX was the first commercial group to send a shuttle into orbit and bring it back again.  Docking with the international space station is a far more ambitious goal.

For the average man, this is important because it is the beginnings of a true space tourism industry.  Once commercial shuttles are proven safe and reliable, there will be no reason not to sell seats.  The only real problem is that they won’t necessarily be affordable, especially not at first.

Richard Branson, member of the super-wealthy club and owner of Virgin Group, is already setting up his Virgin Galactic Company.  The company will offer commercial space flights for the somewhat brutal price of $200,000 a seat.   This is actually a significant discount compared to previous civilian paid space trips though.  Seats sold to individuals aboard Russian crafts have gone from $45 million to as high as $150 million.

Sometime in the next few decades these civilian flights will become realities.    The price will drop, slowly but surely, and the magic of being in space will be taken for granted…until decades from now our unappreciative grandkids will be coasting by Jupiter, complaining about the size of their packet of space-peanuts.


Coke Kills…No, The Other Coke…

by mccluskeyauto on April 24, 2012

Natasha HarrisHow does this sound this for an idyllic morning:  waking up to the birds chirping and the sun slanting through the blinds, reaching over and downing a couple of cans of coke before getting dressed and heading into the kitchen.  Breakfast is pancakes, heavy on the butter and syrup, washed down with a few more nice tall glasses of cola.  Sound good?  Well we here at your Chevy Dealer Ohio want to tell you that, for one young woman, this was a grim reality.

Natasha Marie Harris, 30 year old mother of 8, was found dead after a sudden cardiac arrest.  Her health problems were linked back to her distinctive habit.  The young mother liked to drink cola…a lot of cola.  In fact, she was known to put back at least 10 liters a day (that’s over two gallons, for our metrically challenged friends).

Natasha was prone to irritability, mood-swings, vomiting, and wildly fluctuating energy levels.  She and her family wrote the symptoms off as a by-product of the stress of eight kids under one roof.  After her death, experts say she suffered from hypokalemia, a lack of potassium in the blood, resulting from her excessive consumption of the soft-drink.

“I never thought about it. It’s just a soft drink, just like drinking water,” said her partner, Chris Hodgkinson.  “I didn’t think a soft drink was going to kill her.”

It may seem crazy, but Mr. Hodgkinson was speaking in earnest there.  The family is hoping that the death will serve as a warning to others.  It is hard to believe that in this health conscious day and age someone could be so oblivious to the dangers of replacing water with soda, but it’s reality.


Best Buy Store Closings

by mccluskeyauto on April 19, 2012

Closing 50 Stores Best Buy, a big-box leader in electronics, has announced that they plan to close about 50 stores this coming spring.  We here at Chevrolet Ohio are interested to see what this will mean for the landscape of electronic sales.

It is not really any big surprise that Best Buy has been struggling as of late.  Many online sellers, namely Amazon, are simply undercutting Best Buy at every turn.  The physical store has turned into a gallery of sorts, letting customers see the products up close and personal before they go home and buy the same items online for fractions of the price.

Best Buy was once known for its specialized service.  You could go into any department and reasonably expect a knowledgeable salesperson would be on hand to assist you.  This service advantage has faded in recent years for a couple different reasons.  The most important reason is that, by and large, the consumer is more well-informed than ever before.  Armed with a myriad of online reviews and first-hand buyer accounts, the average person doesn’t need their hand held like they did in years past.

Best Buy is making a sensible choice by moving away from their big-box stores.  The company’s new focus will be on the smaller, more agile Best Buy Mobile stores.  These stores primarily sell smart phones and tablets, segments of the electronics market that are growing exponentially.  By focusing their energy on these more profitable areas and moving away from directly competing with Amazon, Best Buy may be able to avoid getting elbowed out of business like their old rival Circuit City.


McCluskey’s Road Trip Tips

by mccluskeyauto on April 17, 2012

beautiful roadWith Summer on the way we here at auto repair Cincinnati  decided to give you guys some tips for your next road trip. It’s really essential that before you hit the road, you  have your vehicle inspected – especially if you are planning a long trip. A basic inspection will do – the essentials like: brake checks, tires, suspension, lights, cooling system, and other basic drive train components.  Another thing  that is often overlooked in the air conditioner.  The summer heat can quickly get brutal and rolling the windows down will only get you so far, so double check your freon.  Check the spare tire and jack as well,  so if anything unfortunate happens you wont be left stranded on the side of the road.

If you are planning to bring loads of stuff, it’s not advisable to pack anything heavy inside the passenger compartment of the vehicle. Often times people survive the initial collision in an accident, only to be killed by the debris that ricochets around the cab in the ensuing chaos.  Furthermore, if you plan to pack anything on the roof, make sure that the most of the weight is one the middle of the roof to keep you from losing control.

It may seem overcautious, but be sure to bring all the supplies that you need – especially an emergency kit, which may include a flashlight, first aid kits, jumper cables, gloves, ropes, and a tire inflator.

Finally, parents, your sanity is just as important as your safety, so make sure you have plenty of entertainment for the kids.

Enjoy your trip!


Street-Legal Plane To Hit Our Roads (And Skies) Next Year

by mccluskeyauto on April 5, 2012

Like any red-blooded American who watched the Jetsons growing up, we here at your Dayton OH Chevrolet Dealer spend every day wondering when we’re going to get a flying car of our very own (not to mention a robot maid.)   Well, we’ve recently had some exciting news.  The good people at Terrafugia are working on solving that very problem.  Their new vehicle, the Transition, will be as legal (and safe) on the ground as it is in the air.

The Terrafugia Transition is attempting to be a true hybrid air/land vehicle and thus needs the approval of both the FAA and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) branch of USDOT.  With so many acronyms barring the way, it’s amazing that the less than sleek looking Transition was able to thread the needle of bureaucracy, but it recently received a thumbs-up from the DOT and also succeeded in its first flight.  In order to be deemed road-worthy the Transition was granted safety exemptions for its lack of an electronic stability system, airbags, and automotive safety glass.  The glass in the Transition is instead a polycarbonate more suited to the perils of air-travel, like the occasional ill-fated goose.

Terrafugia is hoping to have the Transitions rolling (flying?) off the line as soon as next year.  They claim it’ll fit in a single car garage, which is just incredibly exciting for anyone looking to keep up with the Joneses.  Imagine your smug neighbor coming over to rub your nose in his newest high-tech trinket when he catches sight of the giant propellered beauty sitting between your golf clubs and the old newspapers you keep meaning to recycle.

“What’s that?” he can’t help but ask.

“Oh…nothing,” you’ll say, with an air of nonchalance.  “Just my FLYING CAR”

Game. Set. Match.


April Fools News Is A Real Joke

by mccluskeyauto on April 3, 2012

April First What’s the worst news day of the year?  Some people will tell you that it’s around Christmas, when every media source is loaded with nothing but cloying reviews of what gifts are going to cause our fair citizens to trample each other in Walmart foyers.  Other people will tell you that it’s in the baking heat of deep summer, when reporters earnestly explain things like air conditioning and fans to an audience they must suspect is dying of heat stroke, stifling in quilts in front of their televisions.  Well, these groups are both wrong, but fear not.  We at your Used Chevy Dealer Dayton are here with the truth.  The worst news day of the year?  April First.

Woe be to the unsuspecting man woman or child who wakes up on April first and doesn’t know the date.  You hop on the internet as per usual and what do you find but reports of spaghetti trees or the Taco Liberty Bell, and those are just a couple examples out of dozens perpetrated each year by major media corporations.  It’s gotten to the point where you have to second guess every article you read.  Did that celebrity really die? Did Taco Bell really purchase a national treasure? Did scientists really (finally) find that eating nothing but cold cuts makes you more attractive to the opposite sex?  The uncertainty can drive a person mad.

These news outlets need to realize that it’s not funny or clever to put one over on the general public, it’s simply an annoyance.  They spend 364 days out of the year trying to convince the masses they are a trusted source for news, only to laugh when that same audience believes an article they put on their news site under the news heading.  That doesn’t make them cunning, it makes them a bunch of jerks.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to take a quick trip to the deli.  You know…just in case.