Chevy Uses “Three Wet” Paint Process

by mccluskeyauto on October 26, 2011

General Motors is the only automaker to build a subcompact car in America, and the first automaker in America to use the innovative “three wet” paint process. So naturally, it’s also the first to put the two together by using the former with the latter, delivering an exceptional finish on the all-new 2012 Chevy Sonic that’s also exceptionally eco-friendly.

That’s because instead of needing a special “oven” to bake each vehicle’s primer coat before color layers are added—as is the case with traditional OEM paint shops—GM’s Orion Assembly Center in Lake Orion, Mich., uses the cutting-edge “three wet” technology to apply three color coats before a Sonic’s first trip through an oven. Thanks to this system, as well as other recent shop enhancements designed to minimize energy use and paint-solvent emissions, Orion Assembly’s paint facility will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 80,000 metric tons each year at full production, cut solvent emissions by about 108,000 lbs. annually, slice $40 of manufacturing costs from each vehicle and use 50 percent less process energy per vehicle—all while being heated by natural and landfill gas instead of more emissions-intensive coal-fired boilers.

“Cutting our greenhouse gas emissions and reducing our energy consumption were key to implementing our water-based ‘three-wet’ paint process,” said Mauricio Pincheira, paint manager at Orion. “We want to provide a durable paint that impresses our first-time Sonic customers and maintain the tough environmental standards we have across the company.”



Keep Your Vehicle’s Showroom Shine & Help Maintain Your Vehicles Value

by Walt Kelsey on April 28, 2011

Paint Protection

Everyday our vehicles can experience a beating and we do not even know or realize it is occurring! Our vehicles get hit by the sun, the weather, pollution, bug guts, and bird droppings to name a few and all these things can do major harm to our vehicles. Not to mention the beating we can put on the interior of our vehicles…..drink stains, cigarette burn holes, food stains, mud, and dirt to name a few. At McCluskey Chevrolet, we protect our new vehicles with Strike Force, a product that brings a full line of protection for your vehicle. Not only does Strike Force protect your vehicle it also helps maintain both the good looks and also the resale value of the second largest investment you will ever make, your newly purchased vehicle. [click to continue…]

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McCluskey Chevrolet Body Shop announces their conversion to Waterborne Paint

by mccluskeyauto on March 24, 2011

cincinnati body repairWaterborne paint is the wave of the future for body shops and McCluskey Chevrolet Body Shop in Cincinnati is leading the revolution for this new movement.  We hope to create a greener workplace that results in a lighter ecological footprint and a healthier place to work.

However, converting to waterborne hasn’t been easy.  It has been a big investment. We have had to replace spray booths, spray guns and gun cleaning equipment.  In addition to adjusting paint prep and application steps and cycle time expectations. Converting to waterborne has taken a great amount of patience and commitment on behalf of the management and painters combined. [click to continue…]